Public Classes


4:00pm - 5:00pm

North Narrabeen Community Centre 

Main Hall

2-10 Woorarra Ave, NSW 2101

Term 3 from 31st July to 18th Sept

This class breaks over school holidays

Yoga flow with ease

This is the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday afternoon and move into a new week with equal measures of calm and alertness. 


We begin by warming the body gently, before moving into a smooth flowing practice that emphasises on-going connection to your body and breath.  The class winds down with stretching postures and subtle movements that allow you to more deeply connect to you.

This class has been designed to be experienced by adults of all ages and families.  It is recommended that children are aged 8 years or older.  Come and experience the power of yoga together.

Adults $15        Children $10         Cash only


BYO yoga mat and beach towel 

No booking required.


10:00am - 11:00am

Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

Narrabeen Park Parade

Warriewood, NSW 2102

Gentle Yoga

Tuesday’s class immerses you in a gentle style of yoga that is accessible to all.


You will be encouraged to feel the movements within your body, fostering a deeper level of reconnection, honour and self-care within yourself.  Our weekly classes offer an opportunity to build strength and flexibility in a nurturing and non-competitive environment, so that gentleness can be experienced within.  In turn, nervous tension, anxiousness and hardness in the body can be released so that you can begin to experience true harmony on and off the mat.   


This is a joyful, restorative and meditative hour that nourishes your whole being from the inside out.

This class is also offered via Zoom.

For further information, including pricing, please visit


9:30am - 10:30am

Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

Narrabeen Park Parade

Warriewood, NSW 2102

Balanced Flow

Wednesday’s balanced flow class features smooth and steady sequences that aim to gently warm, stretch and strengthen your body.  You will be encouraged to maintain a connection with your body and breath, so that through self-care you may experience a sense of coming home to your inner-most.  Our class ends with stretching postures, subtle movements and stillness, offering you a chance to linger in the joy and harmony of being more deeply connected to you.


This class welcomes people of all ages and all levels of yoga experience.

For further information, including pricing, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in.  They don't have to be yoga clothes, but a bit of stretch in the fabric helps when we move.  I always make sure I have a few layers on so I can be comfortable when we are moving and when we are still.  We practice bare footed, but I always keep my socks handy for the end of class!

What do I bring?

You will need to bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel.  The towel can be used to make your yoga positions more comfortable and as another layer of warmth at the start and end of class.  Feel free to bring a water bottle if you like.

Can I leave class early?

It is encouraged that everyone stays for the full class.  This is so you can experience the full benefits of the practice and be respectful to your teacher and fellow students.  If you have to leave early, please let your teacher know at the start of class.

What do I do when I arrive?

Take your shoes off and turn your mobile phone off or to silent.  Let your teacher know of any injuries or pre-existing conditions.  Set your mat out in the room and get comfortable.  For some people that may be talking to fellow students or it could be lying quietly on your mat.

Can I join your class if I'm new to yoga?

Yes! My goal is for anyone, of any age or yoga experience, to feel welcome and comfortable.  I don't focus on achieving an outward looking ideal through traditional yoga postures, but aim for you to connect to what's already within.  My classes typically feature repetitive movements and easy to follow sequences, so that a stillness within your body and mind is encouraged.

How do I pay?

North Narrabeen public classes only accept cash at the door.  Wednesday's Balanced Practice Yoga class passes can be purchased online at

Private lesson fees will be invoiced.

Can I bring my child?

The North Narrabeen classes have been designed for the whole family.  It can be extremely powerful to experience a yoga class together and take the shared learnings home.  I suggest students be at least eight years old.  They will need to be able to focus and remain quiet for an hour.  For some children this could be younger, for some this could be older than eight.  If you are unsure give me a call or take your first class alone and have a chat with me afterwards.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

Yoga with Carly is a registered COVID safe business.  All students need to bring their own mat and towel; social distancing is to be adhered to - mats are to be placed 1.5m apart; hand sanitiser is to be used on arrival; if you are sick, please don't attend class; scan the QR code at the door for tracing purposes, you will need the Service NSW app to do so.  

Yoga with Carly