Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons provide an alternative to public classes.  They can be specifically designed for a group of people with similar needs or they can be delivered one-on-one between Carly and yourself.  Your class can be delivered on a day, time and location that meets your requirements.

Group Lessons

Private group lessons suit people who share common yoga goals, the same education space or the same workplace.  Private group lessons can also be a great way to mark a special occasion between family and friends.  Lessons are tailored to the groups physical requirements and preferred style of yoga practice (gentle, meditative or flowing for example). Carly can help with this selection and tailor the lessons to fit with your yoga aims and your desired time and location.

Carly is passionate about creating yoga programs for children.  These engaging and educational programs can be delivered at pre-schools, day care centres and schools.  




One-on-One Lessons

Private one-on-one lessons are for individuals who are looking for a targeted and tailored yoga program.  This personal attention may accommodate an injury, fulfil your personal yoga goals or stem from personal preferences on when and where you like to practice.

There are two available formats for one-on-one lessons. 


1) Students can book one-on-one lessons on a regular basis.  Carly will design the class specific to your individual needs, which will then evolve each time we come together to practice.


2) Carly will design an individualised sequence for you that becomes the basis for your home practice.  This will initially require two sessions to cement the sequence, and then we can come together fortnightly or monthly to evolve your practice.  

Private Lesson Pricing

1 hour lesson     $80

Prices are based on lessons taking place at the clients premises.   

Extra charges will apply for premise hire or lengthy travel time.