Welcome Back after a short Winter Break

Aloha!  Me and the family are back from a fortnight in sunny Hawaii.  What can I say, it was the perfect escape from a cold and wet July in Sydney.  We enjoyed the people watching and tourist attractions of Waikiki, but the natural beauty and space of Kauai matched our preferred rhythm of going for a walk and a swim together, and also fitting time to potter with a book, a cup of tea or colouring-in and playing for the kids.  


Having said that, we were so appreciative to get home.  The fresh food here can't be matched, and the flow of our routine is much easier to navigate.  The simplicity and purpose of getting the house back in order, cooking a meal together and catching up with friends during the remainder of the holidays was equally a highlight of our winter break.


I realised as I reflected upon the past few weeks, that we had adopted the unattached flow of yoga in our day-to-day lives.  Yoga quite simply, is the union of the body, the mind and the being.  All moving as one, in the present.  Not ruminating in the past, wishing that the holiday was longer, or projecting into the future, lunchbox ideas anyone?  But being with our movements as they happened which allows for a natural state of being free of stress and tension. 


The usual decompression that I'd experienced over holidays of the past and my yearning to switch off, just weren't there.  Neither was the need to relax, because I no longer carry stress, anxiety or tension which used to build-up in my body like cement. 


My yoga practice has moved off my mat, and now encompasses my life's movements.  It didn't take mastering a headstand, or practising every day for hours on end, but a dedication to noticing how my body feels from moment to moment, and honouring that response even if it is inconvenient or displeasing to others.  


My Tuesday and Wednesday morning classes at Balanced Practice, Warriewood Beach resume on the 19th and 20th of July.  My family Sunday class resumes on the 31st of July (a week later than usual due to the community halls annual clean).  


I look forward to being with you in class over the coming weeks, and swapping stories over tea and hopefully a few whale or dolphin sightings.


Much love, 

socials yoga (1).png

I've had another fun filled term teaching yoga to pre-schoolers in the local area.


We've been to the circus, taken class under the sea, in space and climbed to the top of a mountain. Stories and games are interwoven with physical movements during my 30 minute classes, as well as the kids ideas and imaginations. Coming back to stillness at the end of class, is just as valued and enjoyed by all.

Children's classes are arranged by private booking.