Welcome back to another term of yoga

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What fun our preschool yoga program has been this term. We spent six weeks together exploring the concept of "You and Me". We celebrated our differences and unlocked our inner treasures of love and compassion. We explored the deserts of Egypt, flew through the night air as bats and helped Edgy the echidna to sit with his feelings. By the end, we realised we actually have a-lot more in common than what sets us apart.


Children's classes are arranged by private booking.  Groups can book now for a time and location that works for you.  


In NSW, it is now mandatory for yoga students to electronically sign-in for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.  For our North Narrabeen class, please have the Service NSW Mobile app downloaded on your phone.  You will be required to hoover your phone camera over the QR code and complete the check-in details.

I hope you have lapped up the last of this beautiful autumn weather over the school holidays. Me and my family stayed home over Easter and enjoyed the beaches that were almost empty by Sydney standards.  Then, we finally ventured out of the state!  Uluru and Kata Tjuta were spectacular.  It never got old seeing the sky framed by the red rock.  Yes, we totally underestimated how cold it got in the mornings and each lived in the one jumper we had packed, but it was a place that broadened my mind on how other Australians live and how they interact with this great land of ours.  There was a lot of walking, bike riding and even camel riding on our trip, but my body is definitely calling out for some soothing yoga stretches.  I just have to get the red dust out of all of our things before I roll out the mat again!


This term our easeful flow class on a Sunday returns at 4pm on April 25th in North Narrabeen.  This class establishes a quality of calm alertness that you can take with you into your week ahead.  Perfect for solo adults or families.


Classes continue at A Balanced Practice at Warriewood Surf Club every Wednesday at 9:30am, and I will also be taking a majority of the 10am Tuesday classes.  Tuesday is a gentle yoga class, that moves through shapes slowly and deliberately.  It is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their connection to their inner-self in a non-competitive environment.  Like all my classes, you are always encouraged to honour the way you are feeling on the day, and chose the best modification for you.  

I look forward to being with you over the coming weeks, with love