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What fun our preschool yoga program has been this term. We spent six weeks together exploring the concept of "You and Me". We celebrated our differences and unlocked our inner treasures of love and compassion. We explored the deserts of Egypt, flew through the night air as bats and helped Edgy the echidna to sit with his feelings. By the end, we realised we actually have a-lot more in common than what sets us apart.


Children's classes are arranged by private booking.  Groups can book now for a time and location that works for you.  


In NSW, it is now mandatory for yoga students to electronically sign-in for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.  For our North Narrabeen class, please have the Service NSW Mobile app downloaded on your phone.  You will be required to hoover your phone camera over the QR code and complete the check-in details.

It has been much too long since I enjoyed being with you all in class, engaging in conversation or lingering over morning tea or coffee.  These were the things that I've missed the most.  Yes, I love yoga, the movements and the stillness that anchor us back within, but being held by our community is something that I treasure.


These past few months have been consumed by the purpose of being with and teaching my three delightful children, Avery, Aliza and Ella who are in kindergarten, year 3 and year 6.  Of course, there were adjustments to be made and levels of acceptance to come to, but largely it has been a time of re-writing the rule book.  For my daughter Ella, I knew that she had embodied the quality of the way we were working when she came up with the following quote:


“Do we live to be correct, to be first to finish, to make no mistakes or to put your heart, soul and fire on the page”?


Most days we have enjoyed exploring our beautiful patch of the world, going on many bush walks, beach walks, bike rides and visiting parks and ovals.  I’ve kept up my personal stretching and strength exercises, but my body is eager to get back to a gentler rhythm.


My classes will start back on the week of October 25th.


I will now be teaching two morning classes at A Balanced Practice at Warriewood Surf Club.  On Tuesday’s at 10am I will be teaching gentle yoga and on Wednesday’s at 9:30am I will be teaching a balanced flow class.  Both of these classes will be available via Zoom.  


Our family class returns on Sunday’s too from the 31st of October and is held at North Narrabeen Community Centre Main Hall at 4pm.  This class will run until the end of term four, the 12th of December.


Classes at both Warriewood and North Narrabeen will be of course following NSW Government covid-19 guidelines.  You can view updates of these requirements for your personal circumstances at https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/rules.  Most pertaining to our yoga classes, know that numbers will be capped; you will need to supply your own mats and props; QR check-in will be positioned at the entrance and masks can only be removed once the class is settled upon their mats.  And with the summer weather soon approaching, all of the doors will be flung open to catch the ocean or garden breezes.  There really is nothing like listening to the waves, the birds chirping or for the parents out there… enjoying the silence! 


I am very much looking forward to being with you after so long and navigating the next few months together.


All my love,