Children's Group Yoga Lessons

Pre-school and K-2 

Nothing is quite as delightful as the enthusiasm that children bring to a yoga class.  Their openness in trying different movements, their bubbling imaginations and engagement with each other is joyous.  Fun is at the forefront of Carly's children classes, but underlying this is the development of gross motor skills, exploring feelings, listening to our bodies and honouring our uniqueness.  Gentleness with ourselves and each other is also a solid theme and greatly encouraged as we move during our class.

Carly's classes follow a simple story arc each week.  We may visit the circus, travel to the depths of the ocean or meet some animals underground.  Our physical movements and poses move us through these stories, which always seem to take a deeper imaginary turn as the children become engaged and responsive.  Our class finishes with a relaxation, where music is played and children are encouraged to lie in a comfortable position and connect to the stillness within.  

More structured programs are also available over a six week period, which explore concepts such as "This is Me", "I Love Me" and "You and Me".  Journey with Courage the Caterpillar who learns to acknowledge and express his feelings; Worry the Wombat who learns to observe her world using  her senses; or Mighty the Mouse who learns that being strong means having a healthy body and an open and loving heart.  

Classes are usually delivered over 30 minutes at the clients premises, in an open inside or outside space.  Mats are not required.

Carly's yoga classes are a perfect way to introduce heartfulness concepts to children.  That is, experiencing the joy that comes from just simply being you and showering yourself and others with love and tenderness.  A journey together, that promotes truth and harmony within the body. 

"The children really enjoy the sessions and are always excited to hear that Yogi Carly is coming. We have seen the children gaining valuable skills each time Carly holds her yoga sessions.  Carly is always very prepared and has a wonderful way of engaging the children.  Her classes are all very relevant to the children and are an important part of the children’s pathway of discovering their inner self, as well as that of their peers."


Anita Ovenden, Narrabeen Community Kindergarten

Children's Group Lesson Pricing

1 hour lesson     $80

Prices are based on lessons taking place at the clients premises.

A package of six week of classes over a term is encouraged.

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