Children's Group Yoga Lessons

Pre-school and K-2 

Nothing is quite as delightful as the enthusiasm that children bring to a yoga class.  Their openness in trying different physical poses, their bubbling imaginations and engagement in storytelling is joyous.  Fun is at the forefront of Carly's children classes, but underlying this we explore feelings, reactions to emotions and honouring our uniqueness.  

Classes are usually delivered in a 30 to 45 minute time slot, depending on the age of the children.  The class begins each week with a familiar opening sequence to build trust and confidence, and then moves into a story telling component using yoga postures.  The class finishes on relaxation and deeper connection to their bodies.

As an example, previous classes have journeyed with Courage the Caterpillar, a caterpillar who learns that brave means not suppressing his feelings, but acknowledging them and expressing them; and Worry the Wombat, who learns to observe her world through her five senses so she becomes anchored in the present rather than worried about the past or the future.  This series of classes also examined "I am strong" (having a healthy body and open and loving heart); "I can feel" (how do different feelings appear in our bodies and can we sit with them and not push them away); and lastly "this is me" (a celebration of our unique characteristics).  Carly's other programs focus on the themes "I Love Me" and "You and Me".


Animals are the main characters in our stories so that the children maintain an openness to exploring these topics.  This is a deliberate technique used in Primary Ethic classes, which Carly has taught and learnt from for many years (Dr Sue Knight, Ph.D. Philosophy and Bachelor Education designed the curriculum).

These lessons are a perfect place to introduce heartfulness concepts to children so that they can journey through their life in truth and harmony with their bodies.

Children's Group Lesson Pricing

1 hour lesson     $80

Prices are based on lessons taking place at the clients premises.   Extra charges will apply for premise hire or lengthy travel time.

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