Carly Skeers

Carly was drawn to yoga as a solution to her aching hips, tense upper body and over active mind - the result of many years of dancing, a career in finance and being the mother of three young children.  What began as an hour respite, soon transformed her whole lifestyle and propelled Carly into teaching so that she could share her love and passion of yoga with others.


Carly’s classes feature flowing sequences that gently warm, stretch and strengthen the body, leaving you feeling calm and alert when you walk off your mat and into your day.  She encourages you to honour your present physical, energetic and mental state, so that through self-care you may have a sense of coming home to your inner-most.  Carly achieves this by bringing your focus to your inner body sensations.  By observing these sensations with curiosity and compassion, emotions can be identified, felt and healed; interactions with others can become responsive rather than reactionary; and a sense of coming home, back to your already whole and glorious self can be fostered. 

Carly loves working with people of all ages.  She delights in seeing the joy yoga brings to children, but equally loves seeing the transformation that yoga can have on adults of all ages. 

Carly is also passionate about educating children about nutrition.  She is part of the Making Healthy Normal team, that provides hands on lessons to K-6 school students.  Children take part in interactive talks that provide time for reflection on why we eat and how we eat, and then they get involved making edible art, their own wraps or their own salad jars.  You can find out more at https://www.makinghealthynormal.com.au/

Carly completed her 350hr teacher training with respected senior teachers Elizabeth Bennett, director of Balanced Practice Yoga, and Amelia Disspain director of Yoga Bellingen.  She has also been mentored and inspired by Donna Nolan of Yoga and Healing.


Carly is a trauma informed teacher and holds a Working With Children Check and National Crime Check.